5 Reasons Why You Should Try Craft Beer

If you’ve been out and about visiting various drinking and dining establishments, you might have seen or heard talk of craft beer. For those who have been properly indoctrinated into the sudsy and satisfying world, there’s little encouragement we could give in terms of enjoying one. If you’ve found yourself wondering what one might taste like, or think of them in the same way one might think of green eggs and ham, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why enjoying them will be a wise choice.

1. Taste the Means of Production

Most beers you buy in bulk are mass-produced. This means that they’re often watered down and laden with preservatives that rob them of their taste. Craft beers are usually richer in taste because more time is being put into crafting each batch.

2. Health Benefits

While the terms “health” and “beer” are seldom mentioned in the same sentence, let alone in a positive light, craft beer does possess healthy attributes. Craft beers contain antioxidants, B-vitamins, and recent studies have found that the consumption of certain hops can prevent cognitive degeneration in the brain.

3. Better Ingredients

When you were younger, you always looked forward to a weekend at Grandma’s house. Her chocolate chip cookies were moist, chewy, and tasted a million times better than whatever bag of store-brand cookies you had at home. That’s because grandma took the time to only use the best ingredients and gave it a personal touch. While you might have outgrown those cookies, the same care and dedication to quality can be found in craft beers. Smaller breweries put more effort towards quality and not quantity, and to do this, exercise caution and only use the best ingredients.

4. Sipping to Stimulate the Local Economy

Around this time of year, the holiday season takes a toll on our wallets as much as our waistlines. By buying locally made craft beer, you’re supporting the local economy and supporting small, independently-owned businesses. Both of which are very beneficial to the community you call home.

5. Benefitting the Environment

Currently, doing our individual parts to benefit the earth and lower emissions is more important than ever. By supporting smaller, locally-owned breweries, you contribute to the wellbeing of the earth. Most craft breweries grow their own ingredients and adhere to safer business practices than some of the larger corporations that mass produce alcoholic beverages.

Getting a Craft Beer Ed-ucation

At Ed’s Tavern, we offer the very best in both craft beer and delectable eats. We’re always hosting events and adding items to our selection. We’re proud supporters of our first responders, and we look forward to seeing you soon! Visit us online for a full menu, upcoming events, and much more!


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