Best Sports Bar Happy Hour in Lakewood Ranch

You wake up every day, to go to an office that is stuffed, to a meeting that should be an email, and to days that stretch too long. Do you know what you deserve? A cocktail. Every day on this planet is a good day to take a cocktail, after all, it is always drink-o’clock somewhere.

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A lot goes into creating the right ambiance for happy hour. The drinks must have just the right ingredients and best, believe me, the more creative the name of the cocktail, the more likely you are to uber home.

Do you know who gets it right? Ed’s Tavern. Here is why.

The Ambience Is Just Right

No offense to hoarders but crowding has no place in a tavern. At Ed’s Tavern, the interior design is made just well enough for you to appreciate the art while cool enough to not have you transfixed on the walls.

The Music Will Keep You Coming for More

Do you know what you don’t need after a long day at work? Loud, uncoordinated music. At Ed’s Tavern, the DJ plays just the right songs and at the right volume to allow you a moment with your thoughts or to simply allow conversation without feeling like you are shouting.

Our Cocktails Are Made by A Professional

Remember what we said about cocktail names up there? In addition to linguistic creativity, our bartenders are the real deal when it comes to mixing up our drinks. Happy hour with our mixologists is a great way to unwind, to have a date, or to simply re-think life.

Our Service Is Unrivaled and Affordable

We are keen on customer service. You can trust that your drinks will come on time and cheaply too.

We would love to have you over at Ed’s Tavern. You can find us at 1079 Rodeo Dr, Bradenton, FL, or call us on (941)907-0400.


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