Burgers & Beer: Making the Proper Pairing

If you’ve ever visited Ed’s Tavern in Lakewood Ranch, chances are you’ve sampled one of our wonderful burgers. And we can assume that not only did you thoroughly enjoy the experience, but you also thought about what might be good to wash it down with. And, if you’re at Ed’s Tavern and feeling wonderful because of the great food and rich atmosphere, you’re probably thinking of a cold, sudsy beverage. But what type do you select? Well, that’s why we’re here. Pairing burgers and beer is a delicate art form, one which we’ll be exploring today, 

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The Perfect Pair…

While combinations of burgers and beer vary from location to location, we’ve taken the time to talk about some of the flavor combinations that pair well with one another. First of all, let’s start with the basics. If you’re simply going for the traditional bun, patty, cheese, and a few toppings, there are two types of beer that pair well with the classic combination. A German lager or a classic pilsner will really make a great pairing. On their own, they’re known for having bitter hops. These will cut through the fat in the patty and make an iconic combo. 

If you’re a diner who loves to be decadent with their burgers and throw on as many toppings as possible, then having a beer that’s heavy on the hops will really go well. American IPAs such as Sierra Nevada and Harpoon are great additions. Trying a Belgian wheat beer or a Sam Addams will also work exceptionally well. 

If you’re someone who’s bold in their toppings, such as tobacco, jalapeños, and other spicy condiments, you’ll definitely need something bold to break up the spice and help you enjoy yourself. Stout and double IPAs can do this and accentuate the flavor of the burger. A Dogfishhead 120-minute IPA is ideal for this. 

These rules aren’t set in stone, and no matter what burger or beer you choose, there’s always an excellent result in the end. Beer helps tenderize the meat and allows you to savor everything and make the experience last longer. 

Ed’s Tavern in Lakewood Ranch 

For the very best in burgers, beer, atmosphere, and more, Ed’s Tavern takes great pride in serving our customers. Whether it’s a burger or beer or a sports game to cheer, we want you to come down and enjoy yourself. For a menu, hours of operation, and more, pay us a visit at edslakewoodranch.com.

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