Is Flatbread The Same as Thin Pizza?

If you're a fan of pizza, you've probably come across the terms "flatbread" and "thin pizza" at some point. While they share similarities, flatbread, and thin pizza are not exactly the same. In this blog post, we will explore the characteristics and differences between flatbread and thin pizza to help you understand their unique qualities.


Chicken Wings: History’s Tastiest Accident

It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without chicken wings. If you stop for just a moment and realize just how abundant they are, you just might be surprised. Every bar, grocery store, and eatery serves them up in a vast range of ways, all accompanied by a wide array of sauces that range from the sweet and spicy to the tangy and cool. Oddly enough, had it not been for a slight mishap, we might not have these tasty morsels of spice. No, really. 


Visit Your Local Sports Bar in Lakewood Ranch

Visiting your local sports bar can be an exciting and enjoyable experience if the sports bar you're interested in caters to the locals and their needs and wants. Unfortunately, not every sports bar in Lakewood Ranch is made equal, but luckily Ed's Tavern is superior to others in the area.


4 Tips for Finding A Sports Bar

In every city, it may seem like there is a new sports bar popping up on every block. But what are those secret ingredients that actually make a sports bar great? Here are some things to look out for next time you're looking for a great place to spend your Friday night.


Treat Dad to his Favorite Sports Bar: Ed's Tavern

Father's Day is almost here. Do you have plans yet? Give your dad a gift he will truly love: a meal at Ed's Tavern. Treat Dad to his favorite sports bar, Ed's Tavern. (more…)

National Waitstaff Day

Waitstaff makes dining experiences as comfortable and relaxing as possible. They take your order, bring you your food and drinks, and accommodate your needs as much as possible. When you dine in at a restaurant or bar, the waitstaff allows you to kick back and relax. Celebrate waitstaff on National Waitstaff Day! (more…)

Treat Mom on Mother's Day to Ed's Tavern

Mother’s Day is May 9th this year, and 87 million adult Americans will be treating their mothers to a nice meal at a restaurant. And if your mom loves good food and drink and is an avid sports fan, then she will absolutely love spending Mother’s Day with you at Ed’s Tavern. Here is what we have in store to celebrate mom. (more…)

Military & First Responders

At Ed's Tavern, we pay tribute to military members and first responders. We recognize their dedication to keeping us safe and we acknowledge their contributions, sacrifices, and bravery. That is why we honor first responders every Tuesday from 5 p.m. to close. (more…)

Pair Beer with Food Like a Pro

This is the perfect time of the year to gather with your friends for football and fun. If you are watching football, there is nothing like pairing beer with tavern snacks. Looking for some inspiration? Here are some ways you can pair beer with food like a pro this fall.


Enjoy Lunch At Your Local Sports Bar

Looking for a place to grab lunch? Look no further than Ed's Tavern. Enjoy lunch at your local sports bar!