Basketball Game Day Meal Ideas

At Ed’s Tavern, there’s always excitement and a warm atmosphere that permeates within. And while some might be feeling the excitement about October being Halloween season, there are others who are gearing up for a different type of season, one which also features a circular orange object. That’s right; basketball season is upon us! But before the tip-off and rabid enthusiasm about game day begin, you’ll want to get some snacks for the occasion. We conducted a survey among our patrons to see what they enjoy best, and we’re here to present these findings to you. 


Sports Games are Better at a Bar

Nothing beats watching a great rivalry game in a bar. We have nothing against driving to Tampa to watch a Bucs game at Raymond James Stadium. There are, however, some nice advantages to hitting up your local pub for sports spectatorship.

Don’t worry, we intend to prove that by illustrating these terrific reasons to watch games at a bar instead.


Sports Bar Events in Lakewood Ranch

Looking for something to do this week? Look no further than Ed's Tavern. Ed's is the best place to enjoy sports bar events in Lakewood Ranch. We have something to offer every day of the week.


4 Tips for Finding A Sports Bar

In every city, it may seem like there is a new sports bar popping up on every block. But what are those secret ingredients that actually make a sports bar great? Here are some things to look out for next time you're looking for a great place to spend your Friday night.


Celebrate National Cheeseburger Day

This September 18, celebrate National Cheeseburger Day! Cheeseburgers are a flavorful, savory, and satisfying American classic. Consider celebrating this national holiday at Ed's Tavern. (more…)

2021 NFL Street Watch Party

Get ready for the 2021 NFL Street Watch Party at Ed’s Tavern on September 9th!

Football is back and Ed’s Tavern is hosting it live Thursday, Sept. 9th, as the defending Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, take on the Dallas Cowboys. This is the first game of the new season and we’re kicking everything off at Ed’s. You don’t want to miss this. (more…)

Best Sports Bar Happy Hour in Lakewood Ranch

You wake up every day, to go to an office that is stuffed, to a meeting that should be an email, and to days that stretch too long. Do you know what you deserve? A cocktail. Every day on this planet is a good day to take a cocktail, after all, it is always drink-o’clock somewhere. (more…)

Car Shows & Music Trivia Every Wednesday Night

Spice up your Wednesday evening by making a trip to Ed's Tavern. You can transform your ordinary Wednesday night into a fun and exciting evening by paying a visit to our sport's bar and restaurant. There are car shows and music trivia Wednesday nights at Ed's. (more…)

Treat Dad to his Favorite Sports Bar: Ed's Tavern

Father's Day is almost here. Do you have plans yet? Give your dad a gift he will truly love: a meal at Ed's Tavern. Treat Dad to his favorite sports bar, Ed's Tavern. (more…)

National Waitstaff Day

Waitstaff makes dining experiences as comfortable and relaxing as possible. They take your order, bring you your food and drinks, and accommodate your needs as much as possible. When you dine in at a restaurant or bar, the waitstaff allows you to kick back and relax. Celebrate waitstaff on National Waitstaff Day! (more…)