National Tequila Day Calls for a Margarita

Would you believe that there’s an entire day dedicated to blue agave juice and it is celebrated on July 24th? Yes! Every year we can look forward to recognizing this delightful occasion by toasting margaritas all over the country. Ed’s Tavern is proud to provide interesting information about the background of Tequila and how you can take part in National Tequila Day by ordering a margarita. (more…)

Enjoy The Benefits of Tequila on Tequila Tuesdays in Lakewood Ranch

Choosing an alcoholic beverage is typically based on our taste preferences, but did you know that certain liquors have more health benefits than others?  Tequila is one of the wisest choices you can make in terms of spirits thanks to its health benefits when consumed in small doses. Time to head over to Ed’s Tavern for Tequila Tuesdays in Lakewood for a relaxing tequila cocktail!