Enjoy Lunch At Your Local Sports Bar

Looking for a place to grab lunch? Look no further than Ed's Tavern. Enjoy lunch at your local sports bar!

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Ed's Tavern is a fun and delicious place to have lunch. Whether you need a quick bite during your lunch break or you want to bond with friends and family over a mid-day meal, Ed's Tavern is the ideal place to go. Our menu includes a wide variety of lunch options, so there is something for everyone.

Start off your lunch with an appetizer from Ed's Tavern. Ed's apps include classic favorites like fried pickles, chips and salsa, spinach dip, and mini mozzarella sticks. After you've shared an app with your co-workers or family members, you're ready to order your own meal. Ed's Tavern has several salads, including the taco salad, the caesar salad, and Ed's Chop Salad. If you'd rather sink your teeth into a burger for lunch, consider ordering the Ed's Classic Burger, the onion mushroom burger, or Ed's Big Cowboy Burger.

A flatbread is a great lunch option if you want some leftovers or some food to share with your friends. At Ed's Tavern, we serve up a four-cheese flatbread with mozzarella, parmesan, Monterey, and cheddar. We also have a margarita flatbread, a BBQ chicken flatbread, and a buffalo chicken flatbread.

Don't forget to look at our entrees menu. Ed's Tavern offers several different entree options, including fish and chips, grilled lemon chicken and veggies, and bangers and mash. When we say there is something for everyone at Ed's Tavern, we mean it!

Finish off your lunch at Ed's Tavern with dessert. We have a new dessert of the week every week, plus our funnel fries and our deep-fried cheesecake. You can find Ed's Tavern at 10719 Rodeo Drive in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. We are open at 11 a.m. every day of the week, so be sure to visit us for lunch soon!


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