Five Things You'll Miss When the Kids Go Back to School

School is starting again in many parts of Florida, and parents may be either relieved or regretting that the kids heading back for a new school year. Your children may be looking forward to seeing their friends again or could be apprehensive about a new school or having to deal with new school subjects. Either way, Ed’s Tavern is a great place to go for dinner after their first week. Come to Ed’s and relive the relaxed atmosphere you enjoyed over the summer. What are some of the things you will miss when your kids are back in school?

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Relaxing conversations — Your kids may or not be the best conversationalists, but over the summer you have probably had a chance to have some great talks with them because they weren’t busy with school or sports and had time to sit and chat. You can recreate that with a dinner at Ed’s Tavern.

Lazy mornings — No one has to get up and go early in the summers like during the school year. Your kids may be getting more sleep in the summer which puts them in a better mood. You and the kids can hang out in your pajamas if you don’t have any plans on a summer day. That won’t happen during the school year.

Homework — Some homework keeps kids engaged, but it seems like the trend is for them to be working longer and longer after school. It can be tiring and frustrating for them and you, so give them an occasional break with a visit to Ed’s Tavern.

Unplanned fun — Summer is a great time to wake up and suddenly decide to take an adventure day. That won’t happen during the rigid structure of the school year. Surprise the kids and family with an unplanned visit to Ed’s Tavern!

Watching the kids play with friends — Schools can forget that kids are kids, and they need time to play and interact with their friends. Playtime shouldn’t be a luxury but a regular part of life. Bring your kids and a few friends to Ed’s Tavern and let them have some fun.

Think of Ed’s Tavern for your next family dinner, or if you have kids and their friends looking forward to a sporting event on TV. We have a great menu for all members of the family, so come to Ed’s Tavern in Lakewood Ranch!

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