March is National Nutrition Month!

March is National Nutrition Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness of healthy eating habits. Learn more about a balanced diet and National Nutrition Month by reading on.

National Nutrition Month was started by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in 1973, but it was only a week at that time. Then, with interest peaking in 1980, this week turned into an entire month.

Asian Chicken Salad

For many, it is hard to tell which eating habits are healthy and which are not. We may think we are eating balanced meals, but sometimes we are missing crucial parts of our diet. We may also be indulging too much in unhealthy foods, such as sugar.

One way to celebrate National Nutrition Month is by meal planning. Planning your meals in advance is a way to make sure you're eating a balanced meal every night. On busy days, it's easy to go off track and order fast food, but meal planning helps you prepare healthy food for busy days ahead of time.

Another way to celebrate National Nutrition Month is by ordering healthy menu options at your favorite restaurant. You don't have to give up your favorite dining spots when practicing a healthy lifestyle. Instead, moderate the amount of food you eat and opt for the healthier menu options.

At Ed's Tavern, we serve an extensive variety of foods perfect for all diets and lifestyles. Don't be afraid to treat yourself to some food at Ed's Tavern during National Nutrition Month. Our chips and salsa are a healthy appetizer option, while our salad menu is filled with nutritious choices (order your dressing on the side to cut back on calories). Some of our salads include Ed's Chop Salad, our Caesar salad, our Asian Chicken Salad, and our Harvest Salad. We also serve wraps, soups, and chilis that you can eat to get your daily serving of nutrition.

At Ed's Tavern, there is something for everyone. This National Nutrition Month, visit our restaurant to enjoy delicious food! Find us at 10719 Rodeo Drive in Lakewood Ranch.

National Nutrition Month in Lakewood Ranch


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