May is National Hamburger Month

Every month of the calendar year has a holiday to celebrate something. There’s National Pie Day on March 14, National Tater Tot Day on February 2, and National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day in April. Not that many foods get a whole month--but hamburgers do--and they should. Here’s some information on the national holiday in celebration of the hamburger.

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National Hamburger History

We know that hamburgers are vital in the American food saga. While the first Hamburg sandwiches were created in Germany, but the hamburger as we know it was an American invention around the beginning of the 20th century, when a man named Louis Lassen first put a thin burger patty between two toasted pieces of bread. Not too long after that, the first hamburger chain was born in Kansas--White Castle.

The hamburger remained a traditional order, cheese, meat, bun, lettuce and tomato. Hamburger patties were created by mass production in the 1930s, which meant that all patties were roughly the same size and shape. However, beginning in the 1960s, different kinds of hamburgers--and different sizes--became available. Larger size burgers began to show up on menus in the 1960s.

What Could I Do to Celebrate Hamburger Month?

There is a lot that you can do to celebrate the amazing hamburger. You could have your friends in for a traditional backyard barbecue--it is May, after all, so the weather will be perfect for outdoor grilling. You might also want to try new burgers that you haven’t sampled before. Today’s hamburgers can be made from many different meats and have nearly any topping imaginable. For example, if you haven’t tried a jalapeno burger, now is the time to light it up, and try something a little hot. Or perhaps you want to try a burger made with cheeses baked into the middle, or a stuffed burger.

People also choose different buns for their hamburger; everything from lettuce buns to the full sourdough bun extravaganza. The possibilities are endless. There are also hundreds of toppings to try--whether it is a simple mayo topping, or whether you go out on a limb and try bourbon bacon with onion crisps, eggs, huge slices of pickle, or honey.

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