Mondays are for $6 Burgers

If you want a filling, satisfying meal for a price that won't break the bank, there's no better deal than $6 burgers at Ed's Tavern. Every Monday from 5 p.m. to close, we serve up gourmet burgers for just $6. Keep reading to learn more about our outstanding burger deal.

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Our $6 Burger Monday deal includes three of our gourmet burger menu options. You can order the Classic Burger, the Steakhouse Burger, or the Cowboy Burger for the low price of $6. The Classic Burger is normally $11 and the Cowboy Burger and Steakhouse Burger are normally $13. You don't want to pass up this remarkable burger deal on Monday nights.

The Ed's Classic Burger is made with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles, as well as your choice of American, cheddar, pepper jack, provolone, or Swiss cheese. Ed's Big Cowboy Burger is covered in cheddar, bacon, and BBQ and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles. Finally, Ed's Steakhouse burger is made with A1 sauce, bacon, pepper jack, fresh onion straws, and boom boom sauce.

For $6 on Burger Mondays, you can order two burgers for only $12. Eating two burgers is actually better for your health than ordering a side of fries with your meal. This is because burgers are more nutritious than fries due to their healthy balance of fats, carbs, and protein. A second burger and an order of fries are close in calories, but a burger offers more health benefits than fries, making it a better choice for you to satisfy your hunger. Burgers are higher in protein than fries, and protein is known to assist with filling full and losing weight. If you’re interested in building muscle, protein is also a key nutrient to include in your diet.

Burgers also have a healthy balance of fats and carbohydrates. Even though fats and carbs have a negative reputation, they’re actually key ingredients to a healthy diet when consumed in moderation. Fats are necessary to help with body function and carbohydrates, when combined with protein, can give you a satisfying feeling after eating.

Visiting Ed's Tavern for a $6 Burger on Mondays is good for your health and your wallet. Visit us at 10719 Rodeo Dr. in Lakewood Ranch, FL, between 5 p.m. and close on Monday for this delicious deal.

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