Pair Beer with Food Like a Pro

This is the perfect time of the year to gather with your friends for football and fun. If you are watching football, there is nothing like pairing beer with tavern snacks. Looking for some inspiration? Here are some ways you can pair beer with food like a pro this fall.

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Tips for Beer and Food Pairing

You may think that nothing goes better with cheese than wine. However, we would like to argue that nothing goes better with cheesy foods than beer. The ingredients in beer actually make the cheese taste better. It doesn’t matter what type of beer you want to pair with a cheesy dish, any beer will give you a great pairing.

If you are serving pasta, chicken or seafood, such as everyone’s favorite shrimp poppers--you may want to think about featuring lighter beers with your food. Look for something in the pale ale family, or perhaps a Hefeweizen beer. Thinking about serving something fried--and who isn’t during football season-- look for beer in the lager or ale family, because you’ll want to clean your palate between the fried helpings. Otherwise, all of your fired food will start to blend together.

Going to serve chili or other supremely spicy food? You need a light lager, full of hops to counteract the spice and cool your palate. If you’re in the mood for steaks or burgers, we recommend amber ales or stouts because they are flavorful and robust enough for your red meat meal. Need a dessert beer? We understand. When you serve sweets, your beer needs to be sweet or fruity as well to balance the sweet. No matter what you choose to serve, there’s a beer to match it.

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