Spend National Trivia Day Playing Trivia at Ed's Tavern

Here’s a little known fact, National Trivia Day is right around the corner! That’s right, the only holiday that could make Cliff Clavin a national hero is coming up this Saturday! Now let’s ask the question, what are your plans for that weekend? Binge-watching the latest, greatest show ever and then wondering why you wasted your weekend on Monday morning?

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Well, let’s start with this; do you like delicious food and cold drinks? Do you like places with TV screens all over broadcasting your favorite event? Now, here’s the kicker; do you love trivia!? Because if you do, then Ed’s Tavern in Lakeland Ranch is where you need to be that night. Not only do we host regular music trivia every Wednesday night and general trivia on Thursday nights, you know we’re going to be doing something special for the national holiday.

And the best thing is that anyone of any (adult) age can come and enjoy themselves because our trivia MC offers questions and genres and categories from all subjects and decades. Sports, music, TV and movies, comics, history, who knows what the next question will be? Couple that experience with a few ice-cold drinks, awesome food, and great company and who could ask for a better weekend?

So if your idea of a fun night is a trivial pursuit with your friends, or a night of game show reruns, or even reading the encyclopedia by yourself, why not head out to Ed’s Tavern on National Trivia Day? Come and play with your friends that you just haven’t met yet. We can be found at 10719 Rodeo Dr. Lakewood Ranch, FL 34202. You can also give us a call at (941) 907-0400 if you have any questions.


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