Sports Games are Better at a Bar

Nothing beats watching a great rivalry game in a bar. We have nothing against driving to Tampa to watch a Bucs game at Raymond James Stadium. There are, however, some nice advantages to hitting up your local pub for sports spectatorship.

Don’t worry, we intend to prove that by illustrating these terrific reasons to watch games at a bar instead.

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Going to a Bar Versus the Stadium

  • So Many Viewing Options
      • Have you ever gotten a nose-bleed seat at a stadium and had buyer’s remorse because of a poor view? Well, you never have to worry about that in a sports bar like Ed’s Tavern. We have huge screens all over the place, covering every viewing angle. Folks never have to fight over game selection either, because we can literally play several all at once.
  • Better & More Affordable Food/Drinks
      • The stadium is also going to charge you an arm and a leg for even so much as a small bag of peanuts. This is completely different in a bar, especially if you come for a game during Happy Hour. Instead of paying $6 or more for the worst beer at the stadium, come get a $2 draft with us.
  • Easier to Socialize with Fellow Fans
      • Bars are still one of the most fun places to socialize. Football and beer are easy ways to bond with someone you would otherwise never encounter. 
  • Easier to Heckle the Opposition
      • If you heckle or get too loud at the stadium, the security folks are more likely to give you a hard time. In bars, we practically encourage it. As long as nobody fights or gets rude with another, heckling non-Florida teams is perfectly fine (and encouraged!).

Ed’s Tavern - Your Sports Haven in Lakewood Ranch

Don’t settle for lousy food at an exorbitant price. Come to Ed’s where we give you something delicious and satiating, with plenty of discount opportunities. We have plenty of weekday specials like Monday Burger Night, where you can get burgers for only $6.

We have more beer variety than any stadium too. Come visit us for the game and enjoy an IPA, stout, porter, sour, and more. Not sure what to try? You can even get beer flights, with three or four varieties, for six/seven bucks.

What are you waiting for then? Bring your sports game to Ed’s Tavern for a great time.

Ed’s Tavern gives you everything you could ever want with food, beer, and plenty of space to watch sports. Don’t forget to check out our awesome May music lineup as well. We have several live events featuring great local artists like the Nick Levalley Band. Call us to find out more, at 941-907-0400.

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