St Patrick's Day with Ed's Tavern

There is nothing like celebrating the fun, laughter, and music of St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you’re Irish, or you just want to be Irish for the day, you will love celebrating with us. Here is more information about this fun holiday.

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Why Is St. Patrick’s Day Such a Big Deal?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. History notes that St. Patrick came over to Ireland to witness to the Celts and Druids, and convert them to Christianity. There are also legends that St. Patrick drove all of the snakes out of Ireland as well--but that’s just a legend, as most island nations don’t have snakes.

The United States has one of the largest populations of people who are descended from Irish ancestors. It is estimated there are at least 35 million people in the United States with Irish ancestry. When the Irish came to the United States, they were ridiculed for their religion and their language, and they had a hard time finding work. The immigrants from Ireland began to create clubs and organizations to celebrate their heritage. They began to celebrate here in the United States, throw parades, and dye rivers green. Now, the holiday is celebrated all through the United States as a fun way to celebrate Irish heritage--even if for a day.

When you’re ready to go all out for St. Patrick’s Day, you need to come and visit us at Ed’s Tavern. We’re located at 10715 Rodeo Drive, Lakewood Ranch, Florida, 34202. You can also give us a call at 941.907.0400. Don’t forget that on St. Patrick’s Day, we will be going all out. There will be live music beginning at 1 in the afternoon and lasting through midnight. There will be beer and food trucks featuring green beer for the day, as well as Guinness, and Irish food. Cocktail specials will be running throughout the evening, and there will be bagpipers and Celtic dancers. Come down and join us to celebrate.


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