Support Our Bartenders This National Bartender Day

National Bartender Day is December 8. Bartenders are a critical part of any bar. Not only do they know how to mix your favorite drinks, but they also know how to make guests feel welcome and comfortable as they sit at the bar. Support our bartenders this National Bartender Day.

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Bartending is an older job than you may think. Bartenders have been around since ancient times across cultures. In the 1400s, innkeepers also acted as bartenders. They usually crafted up their own ales and spirits to serve their guests. In 1862, "The Bar-tender's Guide" was published. This book by Jerry Thomas was the first drink book ever distributed in the United States.

We love National Bartender Day because we love our bartenders. Bartenders are skilled when it comes to mixing cocktails and crafting up delicious drinks. They are also excellent at recommending new brews for you to try. Beyond their drink expertise, bartenders are also remarkably warm and friendly. A great bartender is one that makes you feel like you're family.

Presently, there are about half a million bartenders in the United States. To show your appreciation on National Bartender Day, consider leaving your bartender an extra tip. About 55% of a bartender's take-home pay comes from their tips. Leaving them a little something extra can make a difference. Another way to celebrate National Bartender Day is by ordering a new cocktail. Ask your bartender if they have a favorite drink they enjoy making. Try their recommendations to expand your horizons.

This National Bartender Day, visit Ed's Tavern. Celebrate our excellent bartenders by sitting at the bar and ordering your favorite drink. Ed's Tavern is located at 10719 Rodeo Drive in Lakewood Ranch, Florida, and we hope you will visit us on December 8!


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