The Benefits of Live Music

It seems like it was only yesterday when restrictions from Covid-19 put a severe restriction on our concert plans. With the return of life to a relative state of normalcy, we’ve begun to leave the restrictions behind and made it a point to enjoy the benefits of the outside world. Among the enjoyments to be had is experiencing the rush and thrill of live music. No matter the genre you’re into, experiencing the thrill live and in person provides a gratifying adrenaline rush. 

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And as we’ll see today, there’s medical evidence to back this up. 

Therapy for the Mind and Spirit

Music stimulates your brain in various ways, whether you listen to it live or on a pair of headphones. Studies, where neuroscientists evaluated brain waves via an MRI scan, attested that music stimulates areas of the brain that would otherwise remain dormant. More importantly, BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) thrives on music being played and can regrow brain neurons. 

Stress Reduction 

This is a feeling that almost anyone can relate to. The feeling of being stressed or just genuinely overwhelmed by factors beyond our control, only to be soothed by the sounds of a song we know by heart. This is medically backed—studies proved that music can relieve stress and lower blood pressure brought on by various stressors throughout the course of our day. This is why some doctors have prescribed music to treat insomnia in some cases. 

Mood Elevation 

Many human beings are heavily influenced by their environment. When music is placed in our environment, our brains can positively react to what’s being played in the background. Music has the ability to give our minds a rush of dopamine and amplify our feelings of reward and motivation. According to a recent medical study, the average human brain can have a dopamine increase of nine percent when they’re listening to music they’re familiar with and love. 

Increased Social Interaction 

One of the major issues that we faced during the global pandemic was the lack of live social interaction. Experiencing live music at a club or concert venue is a great way to introduce this aspect back into your life. With the elevated mood that music brings, think of the great prospects of meeting some new people! 

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