Visit Your Local Sports Bar in Lakewood Ranch

Visiting your local sports bar can be an exciting and enjoyable experience if the sports bar you're interested in caters to the locals and their needs and wants. Unfortunately, not every sports bar in Lakewood Ranch is made equal, but luckily Ed's Tavern is superior to others in the area.

Beer and food at a sports bar

Are you curious about why you should consider visiting your local sports bar in Lakewood Ranch after work or on your next free Saturday? If so, continue reading to learn the many reasons why Ed's Tavern is the place to be when you need a delicious meal and a cold beer.

1. The Perfect Place To Make New Friends

At Ed's Tavern, you will find that our sports bar has much to offer customers. We host several events to ensure our loyal clients are entertained and enjoy their time spent with us.

On Mondays, we have six-dollar burgers for those looking for an affordable meal; on Tuesdays, we have a free bingo night and Texas Hold Em Poker, which is a riot for all involved.

Yet, that's not all. On the first Wednesdays of the month, we have a true treat, a car show, and every Wednesday evening; we hold a music trivia evening. With these enjoyable events happening every month, why not consider enjoying a drink at our sports bar with like-minded people.

2. A Friendly Atmosphere For Watching Football

We are a sports bar for a reason. At Ed's Tavern, you can visit us and watch your team play on our big screens alone or with a crowd of your friends who enjoy the game almost as much as you! While you watch your football team (winning hopefully), you will have easy access to mouth-watering meals and ice-cold beverages.

With food and drinks at your fingertips, your friends around you, and a football game underway on our big screens, you will almost feel like you're visiting a stadium. Granted, this stadium consists of a bar stool and a friendly bartender at your beck and call, but we guarantee it will be warmer and cheaper too.

3. Rest, Relax And Unwind

After a long day at work or a particularly tiring day, heading over to your local sports bar in Lakewood Ranch can brighten your mood and lift your spirits.

Not only will you be able to relax and unwind, you will also be able to catch up with friends and trade gossip with the barkeep.

Our sports bar in Lakewood Ranch is easy to access and definitely worth visiting if you're looking for the perfect way to end your day.

Come And Visit Us In Lakewood Ranch!

You can find Ed's Tavern, the winner of the Best Sports Bar in Manatee & Sarasota County, conveniently situated at 10719 Rodeo Dr, Lakewood Ranch, Florida and can also be reached by calling (941) 907-0400. Our appetizing menu has a meal for every occasion, no matter if you want a quick breakfast, a hearty lunch, or a relaxing dinner.

On our menu, you will find everything from buffalo shrimp, fried pickles, and a caesar salad to various tasty sandwiches, hearty soups, delicious burgers, and tasty desserts. In addition to the fantastic meals we also have an impressive drinks menu.

Whether you're a bourbon gal or a whiskey man, we have the smoothest drinks you've ever tasted at our sports bar. We also have several beers on tap for those who enjoy a no-fuss alcoholic beverage. If you want to try out a drink or a meal or both, visit us today!


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