Thursday Night Trivia is Great for Your Brain

Thursday night trivia is great for your brain! If you're looking for something fun to do on Thursday evenings, gather your friends and head to Ed's Tavern. Our trivia event is the perfect form of entertainment for the people who like to work their brains and win prizes along the way.


Expand Your Mind With Music Trivia

Are you looking for a way to open your mind, sharpen your mental acumen, and provide yourself with an opportunity to compete and socialize in a welcoming atmosphere? Well, if you’ve ever been to Ed’s Tavern in Lakewood Ranch, then you already know about the wonderful food and drinks we serve, the exciting events we like to host, and the wonderful feeling you get from the moment you walk through our door. Well, now you can sharpen your wit and enjoy the friendly (and free) spirit of competition each and every Wednesday, thanks to our reoccurring music trivia night


Sports Bar Events in Lakewood Ranch

Looking for something to do this week? Look no further than Ed's Tavern. Ed's is the best place to enjoy sports bar events in Lakewood Ranch. We have something to offer every day of the week.


Join Us This Week For Music Trivia And Trivia Night

Think you know your stuff? Join us at Ed's Tavern for music trivia and trivia night. You can test your knowledge and bond with friends during either of our trivia night events. You can also earn fun prizes like free drinks and gift cards!


Car Shows & Music Trivia Every Wednesday Night

Spice up your Wednesday evening by making a trip to Ed's Tavern. You can transform your ordinary Wednesday night into a fun and exciting evening by paying a visit to our sport's bar and restaurant. There are car shows and music trivia Wednesday nights at Ed's. (more…)

Play Trivia with Ed's Tavern

Love trivia? National Trivia Day is January 4, 2021. This National Trivia Day, plan a trip to play trivia at Ed's Tavern. (more…)